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If you are looking for a competent web designer and developer who can proffer you end-to- end web technology solutions that can truly enhance your online presence, then look no further than Tapas Nandi!

Freelance Website Designer in Kolkata

Freelance Website Designer in Kolkata

We are a professional freelance website designer in Kolkata. We have been rooted to this industry with a mission of extending the value for time and money that our clients are investing in us. Our company provides tailor made and unique solutions to our valuable clients. Whether it is a small budgeted project or a large scale project, we work on every type and delivers best website designs in Kolkata.

We are counted among the best freelance web designers of Kolkata. We make use of advanced web development techniques and services like developing Web Page design customized into Bootstrap HTML, Drupal, Wordpress, PHP etc. we offer proficient designs for web portals and Templates as needed by the client. We extend completely the backend and fronted development based on ongoing industry trends and technologies.

We are result oriented and passionate freelance website designers in Kolkata and handle an array of website custom solutions that consist of web development and designing, social strategy, SEO, conversion optimization and SEM.

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Now let us answer, why should we be your optimal choice?
  • 1. COMMITMENT: we believe that our relation with our clients should last for long. Once we start working on a project, we show our 100% commitment towards it. We are always there to address your concerns and issues. Our professionalism reflects in our every deal with clients.
  • 2. CUSTOM WEB DEVELOPER AND E-COMMERCE: we are specialist in creating online stores dealing in E-commerce and also in creating web solutions that will satisfy every minute need of yours as well as satisfying unique business challenges. Unlike other sites, we offer greater flexibility, better ranks to SEO and high ROI.
  • 3. AIM FOR EXCELLENCE: growing awareness to internet is making the customer more experienced, discerning and informed when dealing in purchase of goods as well as services. They are aware of what they need and aims at achieving rich experience while shopping. We have that knowledge and experience which comprehend to your project needs. Through this experience, we pledge of bringing your business to the highest of all standards.
    • • At first, we sit with our clients to know their precise needs, valuable suggestions and their competitors.
    • • Based on such information, we perform intense research to chalk out all required documents and containing all necessary features.
    • • At the next step, we prepare a hand drawn comprehensive layout and present it before the client. It will show how the content will be placed and client will get an idea of how their website will appear.
    • • After the content model is prepared, we will finish up with designing the UL screen in a Photoshop application like Adobe Photoshop in a jpeg or html format. This design will be shown to the client. Necessary corrections are made later on if any. Then the design is sent for its final landing on the web page.
    • • Then the website development begins on the basis of CMS selection.
    • • The nest stage is to test the website as it may contain some bugs and glitches. Also we need to have security, responsive and cross browser tests.
    • • The website so formed is hosted in the production server and required optimization on the server is done.
    • • At last, we promise 6 month free support for web and existing code maintenance.
  • 5. WE NUTURE A WEBSITE, NOT JUST BUILD IT: our grail is working in harmony and understanding all the requirements of our clients and their business. Thus we focus on developing web systems of good quality. Right from the beginning up till the end we use best class technology in creating websites of ingenious characters. We keep ourselves synchronised with the new emerging technologies in web designing industries to ensure tremendous success.
  • 6. PERFORMABLE WEB DELIVERABLES: our focus is to give concepts a real face. We leave no stone unturned and concentrate maximum in helping our clients to create their success stories with an ingenuity and efficient design. We will prove out to be the best of your digital partners and will fulfil all the development and designing requirements of yours. We are a renowned freelance website designer in Kolkata and guarantee you excellent results. We know the science and art of web designing. We understand what delights do the customer want and what we need to do for keeping them engaged in a trendy element. We strictly believe to deliver what we promise. Our principles guide us how to establish trust in your relations which is utmost important to achieve the most favourable outcomes.
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Services We Offer

  • 1. Brand identity a logo building: logo is a marketing tool that helps you to target your market segment. Timeless logos and robust strategy of branding fetches you higher ROI within a small duration of time. We as a leading website designer in Kolkata pitch our deepest efforts in creating such unique designs for our clients.
  • 2. Website design that is mobile friendly: today mobiles phones are the need of hour. We as a renowned freelance website designer in Kolkata, precisely understand and carter the needs of our clients by creating websites that are mobile friendly.
  • 3. Registering the Domain name: a website should have a good and accurate domain name to leave an attractive impression on the users. We help our clients in assigning a name to their websites that matches their business model. We look for a name that is easy to pronounce, read and understand. Also it should be memorable.
  • 4. Web hosting: on choosing web hosting, the website gets saved on the server by a unique identity. This identity helps the clients to search for that particular website on cyberspace. Website’s performance depends largely on the plan, the client selects. We deliver competent solutions to web hosting issues that are tailored specially to suit the client’s needs.
  • 5. Photography: we offer commercialised photography services at international level. We as one of the best freelance website designers in Kolkata, feel pride for being into a profession that creates ideal setups on the locations as wished by the clients.


At the end we just want to say that if you want a freelance web designer and freelance developer that could provide you proficient technology solutions to enhance your presence online, then look no other than our company.


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